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  1. Anthony Moderator

    talk english whenever you are free , make friends from over countries in the world . here a box for practicing english. you can talk whatever you want . use english as a second language to communicate, find out extremely cultures , customs through speakers coming from over the world. make life so more beautiful .
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  2. Lena2222

    Lena2222 New Member

    Good morning everyone! Today I want to share my experiences. Maybe it will be to someone useful. And then I'll be very. I want to tell you about how I opened the training at home. Education at home is sometimes even better than any courses. Tuition with a tutor to pay the money, and when I studied at home, it was absolutely free. I could choose the pace of employment myself. When I went to the courses, teacher often did not have time for all students. That made me very upset. What kind of training I'm saying? In my case, it was learning English. I'll start my story. I'm from Ukraine. Due to recent developments in Ukraine, I moved to the capital. I say thanks, because I always wanted to live here, but there was no push. The euphoria of the move took place, and here I am in Kiev. I knew English not very good. I wanted to find a job with knowledge of the average English, but went wherever taken. On the last working knowledge of English is not needed. It worked 9 months and I realized that I need to develop. I decided to change my job. I knew exactly what I want to work with a salary much higher and that the work had to be a favorite for me and with the practice of the English language. I decided to improve my level of English. I began to look for sites on the Internet that would help me in this. Here are some of them https://essaycool.com/ and lingualeo.com/ru I found a lot of literature. Learning English is very fascinated me. I have been actively studied for 2 months. I watched shows and movies in English. I increased my knowledge in English. Soon I became an accountant in a foreign company. I understand that I have no knowledge of English would not have taken. I advise everyone training at home.
  3. Krishna

    Krishna New Member

    I was highlighting an issue to my skip level manager in front of manager and he got angry and used words as "Donkey's job" and now he says he meant "Donkey's years". Is this unprofessional to this context

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